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Each of the five Collier County Museums offer a unique, and informative view of our County's history.

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Current Exhibits

Swamp Buggy
Unique to Southwest Florida, this early example of a swamp buggy was built from spare parts during the 1920s to haul cypress fence posts out of Collier County's low-lying swamps and grasslands. Read More >
Craighead Laboratory
Dig up more facts on Florida's first people at one of the Craighead Lab's weekly archaeology sessions, hosted by the Southwest Florida Archaeological Society every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:... Read More >
Orchid House
Brush up on your bromeliads. The Carolyn J. Craighead Orchid House features a constantly changing collection of orchids and botanical specimens common to Southwest Florida's cypress hammocks and t... Read More >
Hide House
This hide house was built around 1950, and replaced an earlier log smokehouse. Hides were salted and stacked tightly together to allow the rock salt to penetrate the skins. The hides were then shipped... Read More >
Main Ranch House
This two-story home, completed in 1926, was built by Roberts, and his older brother Charlie. Originally the house did not have either running water or electricity. Wells provided water, and electrical... Read More >
This bunkhouse was originally constructed in the 1930s as two separate buildings on another site. They were moved here and connected to each other in 1946 to house the family's hired hands. The Ro... Read More >
Cane Mill
The Roberts, as well as other South Florida pioneer families, pressed and boiled sugar cane to provide syrup for their own use or to trade for other necessities. The raw cane juice is harvested by fee... Read More >
Horse Barn
Cowmen kept their horses in this four-stall barn, along with their riding tack and feed supplies. It was built around 1943 with lumber that was salvaged from an earlier barn that was on the property w... Read More >
Seminole Chickee
Seminole Indians developed the chickee in the early 1800s as they were forced further south into the Everglades by pioneer expansion, war, and the threat of government removal. Practical, sturdy, and ... Read More >
Baptist Church
The Roberts family was one of four families that made up Immokalee's first Baptist congregation. The church was organized as a mission in the fall of 1916 by Reverand A.M. Bennet and Reverand Peel... Read More >