Museum Events

Special exhibitions, lecture programs and family-centered, living history events are offered throughout the year at each Museum facility and provide unique opportunities to learn more about the history and heritage of one of America's last great frontiers.

November 5, 2014
Join us for the Naples preimier of a short film dedicated to the historic engravings of Jaques Le Moyne and Theodore de Bry of life in Florida in the late 1500s. Dr. James Oliverio, Executive Director... Read More >
November 5, 2014
16th century France was a vigorous, expansionist nation emerging from feudalism and dreaming of empire. Spain, the world's leading power, already had a foothold in the Americas, and France wanted ... Read More >
USO Show
November 11, 2014
Naples' role as an Army Air Corps training base during World War II is remembered each November 11th at the Naples Depot Museum, following the city's Veterans Day ceremony. Although closed to ... Read More >
November 19, 2014
In celebration of Native American History Month, learn more about the significance of the dugout canoe and its history within the Seminole Tribe. The design and uses of dugout canoes will also be disc... Read More >
December 10, 2014
Learn about Florida’s vital role in the Civil War. How did a national struggle play out in our local communities? What was life like for those at home? What archaeological evidence of this tumul... Read More >
January 7, 2015
In conjunction with the Viva Florida 500 commemoration in 2013, ArtCalusa was conceived to reflect on how we present Florida's history - indigenous and colonial - and the impact of those represent... Read More >
January 21, 2015
Jose Ramirez will discuss topics in his recently published book, Defining Moments: A Cuban Exile's Story About Discovery and the Search for a Better Future,including his experiences as a 15 year o... Read More >