Discover something new with every visit to the museum.

Each of the five Collier County Museums offer a unique, and informative view of our County's history.

Here's a quick look at what's waiting.

Current Exhibits

Exhibition Hall
Journey back to the beginning of Southwest Florida's unique past in the Museum's exhibit hall. Newly developed artifact displays, audio-visual programs and three-dimensional dioramas take visi... Read More >
1926 Cottage
Visit a hands-on home from the Roaring Twenties, when the year-round population of Naples totaled less than 300 people. Rescued from demolition and faithfully restored, this 1926 Naples home gives you... Read More >
Seminole Village
As Seminole Indians moved deeper into South Florida during the early 1800s, they adopted these open-sided, cypress pole huts or chickees to cope with the heat and humidity. Different styles were built... Read More >
Sherman Tank
A 33-ton tribute to the honor, sacrifice and ingenuity of America's "greatest generation," Sherman tanks formed the armored backbone of U.S. and Allied armies during World War II. This M... Read More >
Baldwin Locomotive
Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works around 1910, this weather-worn steam locomotive "Old Number 2" once carried lumberjacks deep into the County's ancient cypress forests. Read More >
George G. Huntoon Gallery
This restored 1940s-era Naples home was moved to the museum in 1993 and now displays the extensive South Florida marine and wildlife collection of Dr. Earl L. Baum, an Illinois physician who was lured... Read More >
Native Florida Garden
Get back to Florida's roots in the Craighead Garden with over 150 varieties of native Florida trees, plants and flowers. This restful, living memorial is a tribute to plant scientist Dr. Frank Coo... Read More >
Seminole War Fort
Although military action here during the Seminole Wars was relatively minor, at least five forts were built by the army in present-day Collier County. This log stockade would have served as a staging ... Read More >
Calusa Camp
Once numbering as many as 10,000 people, the powerful Calusa Indians ruled the southern tip of Florida from coast to coast for centuries. Resourceful and practical, they built their villages on high g... Read More >
Inspired by the shallow draft design of the famous glass bottom sightseeing boats used at Silver Springs, the KOKOMIS was launched in 1934 to ferry passengers and supplies across Gordon Pass to the Ke... Read More >